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    Which OpenAI GPT models are available?

    We use the GPT-4 / Vision and GPT-3.5 Turbo models. We regularly refresh the available list to follow OpenAI updates.

    Which page builders are supported?

    Out of the box, it will work with all theme and page builders. Each iteration improves third-party compatibilities. And if necessary, it is filterable.

    How does it cost to use AI with SEOPress PRO?

    • A SEOPress PRO license is required
    • An OpenAI API key is required. A minimum of $5 payment to OpenAI platform is necessary. We charge no extra cost for this.

    What are the requirements for the SEOPress MainWP add-on?

    These Free plugins are necessary to use the add-on:

    • SEOPress Free (5.9+)
    • MainWP Dashboard (4.2.7+)
    • MainWP Child (4.2.6+)

    However, we also recommend:

    • SEOPress PRO (5.9+)

    To get the most out of the add-on.

    Is the SEOPress for MainWP add-on completely free?

    Yes absolutely.

    Is SEOPress Free is required for the PRO?

    Yes SEOPress PRO works like an add on of SEOPress Free so SEOPress Free is required.

    Can I export my rankings and backlinks?

    Yes you can export your data to a CSV, Excel file or your clipboard.

    Is SEOPress Free required for Insights?

    Yes, SEOPress Insights works like an add-on of SEOPress Free. However, SEOPress PRO is not required.

    How many languages is the SEOPress Insights interface available in?

    2 languages: English and French. More languages will be added soon.

    On how many sites can I use SEOPress Insights?

    1 site.

    If I cancel my subscription, will I lose my data (rankings and backlinks)?

    No. Your data are saved in your database. However, you will stop receiving updates from our API (rankings and backlinks) and automatic updates.

    What are the 51 locations available? – English – English – French – English – French – Deutsch – Danish – Spanish – Italy – Finnish – French – Deutsch – French – The Netherlands – Spanish – Portuguese – Spanish – Turkish – French – Swedish – English – English – Hebrew – Korean – Polish – Spanish – The Netherlands – Deutsch – French – French – French – Russian – English – Japanese – Greek – Deutsch – Spanish – New Zealand – India – English – Chinese – Slovakia – Czech Republic – Lithuania – Portugal – Taiwan – Vietnam – Malaysia – Georgia – Indonesia – Norway

    What is the maximum number of backlinks?

    1,000 backlinks, 1 per referring domain (which is huge).

    How many keywords can I track?

    You can enter up to 50 keywords. Sufficient for the vast majority of sites.

    What kind of support do you offer?

    For FREE users:

    For PRO users: support by mail from their customer account.

    Can I import my posts and terms metadata from other SEO plugins like Yoast or AIO SEO?

    Yes, we have an import tool for:

    Can I use SEOPress on

    Yes, but you have to disable default SEO options in your account.

    Can I import/export SEOPress settings?

    Yes from your WP Admin, SEO, Tools page, Settings tab.

    Which multilingual plugins are compatible with SEOPress?

    WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress, Weglot and Multilingual Press.

    How many languages are available?

    🇺🇸 English (UK) (English (UK)) – professional translation
    🇫🇷 Français (French (France)) – professional translation
    🇪🇸 Español (Spanish (Spain)) – professional translation
    🇩🇪 Deutsch (German) – professional translation
    🇳🇱 Nederlands (Dutch) – professional translation
    🇷🇺 Русский (Russian) – professional translation
    🇯🇵 日本語 (Japanese) – professional translation
    🇮🇳 हिन्दी (Hindi) – professional translation
    🇨🇳 中文 (Chinese (China)) – professional translation
    🇧🇷 Português do Brasil (Portuguese (Brazil)) – professional translation
    🇵🇱 Polskie (Polish) – professional translation
    🇸🇪 Svenska (Swedish) – professional translation
    🇬🇷 Ελληνικά (Greek)
    🇧🇬 Български (Bulgarian)
    🇮🇩 Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)
    🇮🇹 Italiano (Italian) – professional translation
    🇻🇳 Loki Web (Vietnamese)
    🇷🇴 Română (Romanian)
    🇰🇷한국인 (Korean)
    🇸🇦 العربية (Arabic)
    فارسی (Persian)
    Türkçe (Turkish)

    If I cancel my subscription, can I still use SEOPress PRO?

    Of course! You can continue to use the plugin but you will no longer receive updates or have access to support.

    Can I cancel my license?

    Yes, just send us an email. Or, go to your customer account, My License keys, and click Cancel. You can do this at any time.

    Is multisite compatible (WPMU)?

    Yes, SEOPress is multisite ready. We use it on this website!

    Is it compatible with the core XML sitemaps (WP 5.5+)?

    Yes! We automatically disable the native WordPress XML sitemaps to avoid any SEO conflicts. Plus, our sitemaps are much more powerful!

    What payment methods are available?

    You can pay securely with PayPal or Stripe (credit card).

    Can I buy a lifetime license?

    No, we do not offer lifetime licenses.

    What is the renewal cost?

    The price you pay at purchase, is also your renewal price (except for special promotions, automatic renewal should be left on). Forever. Even if the price changes.

    How much does SEOPress PRO cost?

    $49 / year (5 sites or unlimited sites depending on the license chosen). You can unsubscribe at any time.

    On how many sites can I use SEOPress PRO?

    5 sites or unlimited sites depending on the license chosen.

    Is there a free version of SEOPress PRO?

    Yes, SEOPress is a freemium WordPress SEO plugin. You can download the free release on WordPress official repository.

    Is SEOPress PRO an add-on or a plugin?

    SEOPress PRO is an add-on of the free SEOPress plugin. In order to use SEOPress PRO, you have to install SEOPress Free first.