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Block Editor (Gutenberg) integration

Use SEOPress to leverage all your business opportunities.

Help your customers find your answers

The Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ) block contains a question and an answer field, which can be illustrated by an image.

By simply checking the “Enable FAQ schema” box, your questions and answers will be able to appear in a rich result snippet in Google Search and as an action in the Google Assistant.

Increase your chances of attracting the right users to your site by using the Gutenberg FAQ block by SEOPress. Here is a video presenting the very simple use of this block.


Promote your business locally with SEOPress

When a user searches for an activity, simplified files can appear in Google but also on Maps.

With SEOPress it is very easy to assert your presence in this highly strategic space. Just fill in the essential information: Your name of course, your sector of activity, your full address, your telephone number, your opening hours and a location link. A tutorial is provided for you to easily find the latter.

As with all the other blocks, the aesthetic functions are fully accessible and customizable, see for yourself in this video, or by trying SEOPress PRO.

You prefer Classic Editor? No problem!

Simply guide your customers to the success of their goal

Have you created guided content? Use the HowTo block to explicitly tell Google that your content is a tutorial. Thanks to the How-To block of SEOPress you can also specify a description to the tutorial as well as a time and a cost of accomplishment.

This type of structured data helps guide your users through a series of tasks. The SEOPress How-to block offers you infinite step creation, each of which can include a title, description and image. Of course the native aesthetic functions plus possibilities on the list of steps are fully exploitable.

When you use proper markup for this type of page, it can appear as a rich result in Google search and as an action in the Google Assistant, helping to drive the desired people to your site.


Rank higher in searches has never been so easy

Breadcrumbs structured data not only makes it possible to personalize the link in the snippet but also to reassure your customer when he is in a deep page of your site.

In addition to being easily accessible from your page templates and being dynamically updated throughout your site without the slightest effort, you can fully customize it according to your tastes: color of text, background, links, size of font, line height and margin.


Unlocking Content Engagement: The Power of the Table of Contents Block

The Table of Contents block is your secret weapon for captivating and retaining your audience’s attention. Think of it as your content’s GPS, guiding readers to the most valuable insights with ease.

It’s the ultimate user-friendly feature that transforms a lengthy piece into a reader’s delight.

Whether you’re offering tutorials, insights, or valuable information, the Table of Contents block is your ticket to making your content shine. It’s all about making your content irresistible and keeping your audience coming back for more.

Power and flexibility for everyday use

SEOPress adapts to your workflow

Classic Editor

SEOPress works perfectly with the old editor, aka "Classic Editor". Find at the bottom of your content the good old metaboxes including those of SEOPress to modify all the elements related to your SEO.

Block Editor

5 "SEOPress" blocks available for the new editor, aka Block Editor of WordPress totally optimized for your SEO.

Page builders

SEOPress integrates with all page builders. Edit your SEO metadata using our universal SEO metabox directly from your favorite builder's UI. Save time while facilitating your SEO updates.

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You prefer Classic Editor? No problem!
Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions about SEOPress

SEOPress PRO is an add-on of the free SEOPress plugin. In order to use SEOPress PRO, you have to install SEOPress Free first.

Yes, SEOPress is a freemium WordPress SEO plugin. You can download the free release on WordPress official repository.

Yes SEOPress PRO works like an add on of SEOPress Free so SEOPress Free is required.

5 sites or unlimited sites depending on the license chosen.