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Customize your WordPress post types list and increase your productivity.

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SEOPress PRO and Admin Columns PRO integrate seamlessly with each other. Add in a few clicks SEOPress’ columns such as the meta title or description to the post types of your choice.


Add your custom SEOPress columns

Easily add the following columns:

  • meta title
  • meta description
  • noindex
  • nofollow
  • target keywords
  • redirect enabled?
  • redirect URL
  • canonical URL
  • Google Search Console metrics: clicks, position, impressions and CTR
Add your SEO columns with Admin Columns PRO

Configure your custom SEOPress columns

We support:

  • inline editing
  • data export
  • sorting
  • bulk editing
  • smart filtering
Configure your SEO column with Admin Columns PRO

Quick edit your SEOPress metadata with Admin Columns PRO

Each SEOPress columns can be edited from the post type list for maximum productivity.

Quick edit your SEO metadata with Admin Columns PRO

Filter your posts with advanced filters

With Smart Filtering feature, you can find the posts you’re looking for faster than ever using SEOPress’ columns.

Admin Columns PRO with advanced filters for SEOPress
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Contact us if you have any doubts about the compatibility between your extensions and SEOPress.

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